The Rookie
The Rookie
Vital statistics
Title Agent
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Team EPF Agent
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"He wears a propeller hat and red glasses. Trust me, you can't miss him." - [[Dot]] on Rookies clotheing

The Rookie is known to be a PSA agent featured in a few missions. He apparently joined the "EPF" and is first heard of when he was supposed to look out for reckless skiers at the Mountain. Like all other agents, The Rookie is never seen being promoted. He has a large sense of humor which he intends to use even in deep situations, such as when he is trapped on the other side of the Wilderness river.

The Rookie is a green penguin wearing a red propeller hat and red sunglasses. He never uses his propeller hat. He appeared in the EPF trailer, demonstrating the fact that he was indeed involved in EPF as well as PSA.


"Hey, is that your somach making that noise?

The Rookie is known to be a possibally young and active penguin. He is never rude or mean, but friendly and fun. He often, due to being giddy all the time, results in being a bad agent. He often does not see obvious clues, and always needs to be reminded to stay quiet abous special information


The Rookie was chasing after a reckless snowboarder down the test track

The Rookie is deeply involved in the game. He offeres maximum support during missions, but often gets carried away a bit. For example on Mission 13, The Rookie somehow gets the locked up rupper Duck from G's cages without knowing what it does or the outcome. At the end he confesses that the duck does nothing but squeak. He loves taking risks but often he takes them and doesn't know it.



  • The Rookie is only known as "Rookie" in the official Club Penguin PSA missions.
  • Dot comments on his clotheing as "Propeller hat and red Sunglasses" instead of "Red Propeller hat and Sunglasses", thus demonstrating the point that the Blue Propeller hat did not exist.

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